statistical inference

inferencia estadística

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Statistical inference — In statistics, statistical inference is the process of drawing conclusions from data that are subject to random variation, for example, observational errors or sampling variation.[1] More substantially, the terms statistical inference,… …   Wikipedia

  • statistical inference — The process by which results from a sample may be applied more generally to a population. More precisely, how inferences may be drawn about a population, based on results from a sample of that population. Inferential statistics are generally… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • statistical inference — noun Drawing conclusions about a population from a random sample drawn from it, or, more generally, about a random process from its observed behavior during a finite period of time …   Wiktionary

  • statistical inference — determination of general results from a partial survey …   English contemporary dictionary

  • statistical inference — noun : the making of estimates concerning a population from information gathered from samples …   Useful english dictionary

  • Statistical Inference for Stochastics Processes — Annales de l ISUP Pays  France Langue anglais Périodicité trimestrielle Genre revue scientifique Date de fondat …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Статистический вывод (statistical inference) — Процесс получения выводов о некой совокупности на основе случайно извлекаемых из нее выборок (в сущности, по ее частям или подмножествам) называется С. в. С. в. широко используется в психологии, поскольку редко удается обследовать полную… …   Психологическая энциклопедия

  • Inference — is the act or process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what one already knows. Inference is studied within several different fields. * Human inference (i.e. how humans draw conclusions) is traditionally studied within the field of… …   Wikipedia

  • Statistical hypothesis testing — This article is about frequentist hypothesis testing which is taught in introductory statistics. For Bayesian hypothesis testing, see Bayesian inference. A statistical hypothesis test is a method of making decisions using data, whether from a… …   Wikipedia

  • Statistical dispersion — In statistics, statistical dispersion (also called statistical variability or variation) is variability or spread in a variable or a probability distribution. Common examples of measures of statistical dispersion are the variance, standard… …   Wikipedia

  • inference — /in feuhr euhns, freuhns/, n. 1. the act or process of inferring. 2. something that is inferred: to make rash inferences. 3. Logic. a. the process of deriving the strict logical consequences of assumed premises. b. the process of arriving at some …   Universalium

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